Sciinov Insights databases provide intelligence on global drugs, clinical trials, companies, drug prices, drug sales & estimates, patent expiry, manufacturing, generics, drug master files, technology, contacts, future events and deals.


Data is sourced from company pipelines, annual reports, regulatory websites, clinical trial registries, scientific and investor conferences, press releases, and SEC filings. It covers pipeline and approved drugs, planned, ongoing, completed, as well as terminated/suspended/withdrawn trials.

We keep you informed, profound and favorable decisions to encompass the advantages of upcoming trends, progressions, estimations, and opportunities through our precise understanding of the market.

  • Comprehensive Drugs, Clinical Trials, Companies, Drug price, Generics data, along with technologies.
  • Competitive Activity – you can keep an eye on each drug, company, trial, investigator, investor and legal advisor.
  • Geographic Analysis - see where drugs in development and approved, trials are being run.
  • Find information on trial sites and investigator information.
  • Get information on results analysis in multiple views and exports.

Benefits For Healthcare Players:


Start-up and Contract Research & Manufacturing Companies:
   Monthly newsletter with drug developments and contacts keep them up-to-date with material events and business leads.
   Market size projections help you to get the business scope for raising investment.
   Search for planned trials with CROs as collaborator within your sales territory.
Biopharma Companies:
   Informed with competitor events and execute corporate planning by keeping a track on future drug and clinical trials milestones expected from your competitors.
   Customize your key events tracking based on companies in the same technology or disease or target.
Generic Drugs and API manufacturer:
   Helps you to plan drug portfolio management or strategy based on key pipeline class of drugs (future market share) and disease market by country.
   Support you with planned trials by disease, sponsors/collaborators.
API, & Intermediates Manufactures:
   Key pipeline class of drugs (future market share); disease market by key countries.
   Generics by active ingredient in US, EU, & Japan, and Patent expiry for key pipeline and marketed drugs.
Financial Firms:
   Keep track on early stage biotech companies and proactively evaluate companies based on future events and clinical trial success rates.
   Set alerts for material events at companies within your portfolio or competing companies that may affect the valuation of your portfolio companies.

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